Monday, July 18, 2011

My McKnight is Shining Armour!!

So I haven't blogged for a little while and had a really nice experience and wanted to share what a fabulous husband I have with you all. I will have to start with a little brief history so that you understand.

I am a lover of coffee and I'm sure there are a few of you out there that also share my love. I have always liked it but my love of it all started when we lived in Canberra and my fabulous neighbour and great friend Marie, who worked at the Michel's Patisserie down the road, started bringing me coffee on her way home from work. I was working from home then on A Little Birdie Told Me and she was one of my biggest supporters. She would come in every morning about 10am and drop of a freshly made (and very tasty) cappuccino! Sometime two!! I know right!! One for me to drink then and one for me to heat up in the afternoon.....I know I know you're thinking spoilt right?....yep I was and I loved it! We had a little deal though and in return I would help her book her flights to Melbourne where she went regularly on holiday. She wasn't much of a computer user and found it easier just to get me to do it.

You can imagine my horror when I found out we were being posted out of Canberra (thanks to the Airforce life) and on to who knows where!! I must say Marie was hoping for Melbourne as she would have somewhere to visit and my parents were hoping for Newcastle which was closer to them and would mean more visits with the Grandkids and more camping trips as a family (also a bit of a love of mine). Anyway we ended up getting Newcastle, which was a joy for my parents....for a brief 2 weeks period anyway...that was before they (Airforce) changed their minds and decided to send us to Melbourne!! Much to the dissappointment of my Mum and Dad but to the joy of Marie! Me on the other hand was just devastated as usual to leave what had become my home for the last 4 years, leave behind my good friend oh and OMG leave behind my Free.....did I mention Free....daily coffee!!!!! What was I to do I hear you ask??????

Well since you all want to know hehe....My McKnight in Shining me a little home coffee machine for Christmas, which I finally unboxed and got it working when we arrived and settle in Melbourne in February. It was a great gift and a really kind though....but....yeah there is always a but.....I wasn't so good at the making at first. It took almost 2 months to get the hang of it, so while I was getting the hang of it I would make regular morning trips to our local McDonalds McCafe that was only a hop skip and a jump down the road...unfortunately also for my expanding bottom that kinda likes.....okay really likes Big Mac's and Coke....Yikes!!! Shhhhh we had better keep this one to ourselves. Anyway back on track. So I had become a little addicted to their coffee now.....I'm positive they put something in it to get you addicted....just like with their're all with me on this one Yes....Yes!!
So I had mastered the best version of my coffee I could and got the cleaning up down to about 15mins...yep was 30mins before I realised that all the spluttering and spurting of coffee all over the machine and bench was not correct......I know....who knew right!!

The lure of the Macca's (McCafe - not that other #%@* they call coffee in there food section) was more than I could resist as I had to weight up okay tasting coffee and 15mins cleanup or McCafe Coffee all hot and nice and done for me and all I had to do was drink it.....mmmmmm.....big decision....NOT!!! Yep you guessed it every morning I venture down to get my morning coffee. I would like to say though that my coffee machine does get used in the afternoons. I generally make one just before the kids get home from school and sit and drink it with them while they have afternoon tea and we discuss their day, so it not a complete waste and it is definitely better than instant stuff let me tell you!

Okay I have still not come to the point of this story yet but bare with me I am getting there!!

I also managed to get my hubby addicted to their coffee also and it has become quite a hang out for both of us. So much in fact that he and his boss drive from Laverton over to Point Cook Macca's to get one. Every now and again the doorbell will ring before 9am and there is my camo dressed man (sometimes I can't see him because he blends in so well lol) holding up a extra tall steaming cappuccino. He gives me a kiss and hands over the cup and is on his way.....ahhhhh god love him!!!

Some days I will drive down to Macca's only to find the 2 of them sitting there waiting for their orders with mine also. They aren't able to do it everyday so it is quite funny when I spring them down there.

So here it is the thing that put a large smile on my face this morning.....

I was meant to be doing a workout (thank you Big Mac and Coke and cake and chocolate...and sitting on my bum doing craft all day....) after I sent the kids to school and then I was going to the post office to send of some parcels and visit Coles for a few bits and pieces. I ended up with two kids fighting and getting off to school late, I then didnt feel like a workout and decided to go to Coles and then to the Post Office and then to Maccas for the coffee I so desperately needed then home to do my custom order...So I was up to the Post Office bit when I heard a man's voice behind me say "Excuse Me Miss, Did you Order this?" I turned around to see my husband's boss holding my cup of coffee!!! I was standing in a very long line of people in the Post Office and had to laugh. It was the funniest thing! Everyone was looking at me thinking it was odd that a guy dressed in a Airforce Camouflage uniform was offering me an order of a tall Cappuccino from McDonalds which was a good 8min drive away!!! I said where you guys driving around looking for me which he replied yes and left as quick as he had arrived. I was standing there smirking to myself balancing three parcels and a hot cup of coffee thinking to myself that my sweet Hubby who was probably driving the work car, had drove around to the house with my coffee had discovered I was not there and then drove around Point Cook looking for me. Upon finding me, sent his boss who was in the passenger seat in to the post office through the line of people to present me with my order!! Too Funny!!! Luckily for my Husband I am extremely predictable and he knew exactly where to go.

So this is the story I had to share. I know it took a while to get to the point but I got there eventually.

To finish I would like to say my husband is the sweetest man and even though he ticks me off at times....and I never ever tick him off...I make sure I tell him that all the time....he is always there for me and loves me no matter what and would do anything for me. Big smooshy kisses to you Mr McKnight in Shining Armour!!!!! Too bad he never reads my blog though!!! Oh well this way he won't get a big head and I can still get cranky at him and he can't come back with....remember that time I got you coffee and drove around town......blah blah.


Kim McKnight xx

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boo Hiss Fox FM - Melbourne

I was driving to the shops this morning with my 2 children in the car (Bailey is almost 11 and Lily is 9). We were listening to Fox Fm as usual. They put out an invitation for listeners to call in and admit that they "hated" yes Hated fat people!!!!! Are they kidding!!! I was shocked that they would ask people to do that in the first place then shocked when they had 3 callers come on the line.

The first lady was happy to admit she hated fat people and she hated the fact they went to the gym and didn't put any effort in, then whinged. She couldn't understand why they let themselves get that way in the first place did they have no self respect. Apparently she thought medical reasons were just an excuse and they should get up off their fat lazy asses!!

I kid you not!!!

The second lady said fat people made her sick!!! Nice one!! They were all just lazy and gross. She did not care if a man was fat though??? What the!!!!!

The third was a young man who was one a fat person and got himself in shape, which took lots of effort apparently. He was from a family of Fatties (his words not mine) and thinks everyone who is fat should be ashamed of themselves!!

Now really my question is "Why are they putting this dicriminative rubbish on the radio in the first place!! Surely it can't be for ratings. I don't want my kids hearing that kind of blantant hurtfulness. It's bad enough they have to listen to some of the lyrics in the songs these days. I was really upset after hearing that as I think it was incredibly hurtful to alot of people out there and was soooooo unnecessary.

Isn't a radio station a place to here music and news not a place to listen to garbage like that coming out of stupid people's mouths.

I felt so strongly about it that I "liked" their facebook page to tell them what I thought. I urge anyone who agrees with me to do the same. I believe that that kind of question and many other hurtful and down right stupid questions have no place on a public radio! To me they all just came off looking like a bunch of discriminating morons who have no idea about anything!!

There I've said it. I wish I felt better but I don't.

People need to be accepted for who they are inside not what they look like!! Alot more people need to realise this I think!!