Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Holiday Treat for Myself - An Online Whimsical Creatures Drawing Course!

Layout and Composition section

Face shape and eyes

First full drawing of a whimsy girl.

So as a little gift to myself and thanks to my good friend Jess for the suggestion, I am doing an online drawing course. It is called World of Whimsy and is a course for drawing all sorts of whimsy creatures. I have just completed my first section and wanted to share the drawings I have done. I have not sketched since I completed year 12 which was a long long time ago, so please forgive my lack of technique. Hopefully by the end of the course my little girls and creatures will not look like Aliens!! LOL!! Enjoy even if just for a little giggle.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The work Christmas Party Thing

I don't know about you guys but any opportunity to go out is a bonus for me. Since we are never around family (thanks Mr Defence Force) the opportunities for going out without the kids are few and far between. I think this time of the year I look forward to as I get an invite to my husband's christmas function. Yes most of the time it is pretty unordinary, usually doesn't go for long and all the young ones get so drunk the conversation is not much better than I get a home with the kids, but all this aside I get to go out.

So this year it was to be a lunch. Okay it's not a flashy dinner but it is out and it is at a restaurant which doesn't have a red-headed clown with large red shoes!! Okay I'm in. I have a friend on the other side of town who lucky for me was available, so I called in the favour about 3 months ago (as she is very busy) and she thankfully agreed to help out and was available to be home for the kids when they got home from school, so all set.

Mmmmmm then it all went pear shaped from there. Apparently of all the 20 or so people going only 1 invited their partner/spouse/loved one/poor lonely child carer at home. Guess who that was.....yep it was me!! I was the only one who got invited by their partner....God love him....sometimes!! Anyway on that note a decision was made by me not to go. Did I want to sit there with all these people discussing their work and not even have one other Civillian (as we are so nicely called) there for support. I don't think so.

Soooooo he got to have his Christmas Party and I did not. This got me to thinking.... I own a business, I am a hard worker maybe I should have my own Christmas Party with alllllll my employees and not invite partners and there definitely should be gifts. I'm thinking one for the "Best Boss", the "Hardest Worker" and the "Most Talented".

So here we are now, all I now have to do is come up with a day that all my workers are free (pretty sure that won't be hard to agree on) and a very la di dah place that they would all enjoy. Then there will be speech preparation and the purchasing of gifts for my fabulous staff (which of course will be the secretaries job to do, I am certainly way too busy)

Okay I am open for suggestions, any ideas would be greatly appreciated by me, my boss, my workers, my cleaners, my parcel packers and all other members of my highly important staff that bring A Little Birdie Told Me to life!

Oh and no expense shall be spared, as my staff are truely worth every cent!!!

Kim :)