Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Boo Hiss Fox FM - Melbourne

I was driving to the shops this morning with my 2 children in the car (Bailey is almost 11 and Lily is 9). We were listening to Fox Fm as usual. They put out an invitation for listeners to call in and admit that they "hated" yes Hated fat people!!!!! Are they kidding!!! I was shocked that they would ask people to do that in the first place then shocked when they had 3 callers come on the line.

The first lady was happy to admit she hated fat people and she hated the fact they went to the gym and didn't put any effort in, then whinged. She couldn't understand why they let themselves get that way in the first place did they have no self respect. Apparently she thought medical reasons were just an excuse and they should get up off their fat lazy asses!!

I kid you not!!!

The second lady said fat people made her sick!!! Nice one!! They were all just lazy and gross. She did not care if a man was fat though??? What the!!!!!

The third was a young man who was one a fat person and got himself in shape, which took lots of effort apparently. He was from a family of Fatties (his words not mine) and thinks everyone who is fat should be ashamed of themselves!!

Now really my question is "Why are they putting this dicriminative rubbish on the radio in the first place!! Surely it can't be for ratings. I don't want my kids hearing that kind of blantant hurtfulness. It's bad enough they have to listen to some of the lyrics in the songs these days. I was really upset after hearing that as I think it was incredibly hurtful to alot of people out there and was soooooo unnecessary.

Isn't a radio station a place to here music and news not a place to listen to garbage like that coming out of stupid people's mouths.

I felt so strongly about it that I "liked" their facebook page to tell them what I thought. I urge anyone who agrees with me to do the same. I believe that that kind of question and many other hurtful and down right stupid questions have no place on a public radio! To me they all just came off looking like a bunch of discriminating morons who have no idea about anything!!

There I've said it. I wish I felt better but I don't.

People need to be accepted for who they are inside not what they look like!! Alot more people need to realise this I think!!


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  1. well said Kim! I'm heading over there now.