Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Holiday Treat for Myself - An Online Whimsical Creatures Drawing Course!

Layout and Composition section

Face shape and eyes

First full drawing of a whimsy girl.

So as a little gift to myself and thanks to my good friend Jess for the suggestion, I am doing an online drawing course. It is called World of Whimsy and is a course for drawing all sorts of whimsy creatures. I have just completed my first section and wanted to share the drawings I have done. I have not sketched since I completed year 12 which was a long long time ago, so please forgive my lack of technique. Hopefully by the end of the course my little girls and creatures will not look like Aliens!! LOL!! Enjoy even if just for a little giggle.


  1. Good luck! I have heard of this course, sounds like a lot of fun. You seem very creative so looks like you will get alot out of it!

  2. How fabulous that you can do a course like this online! Enjoy the time to yourself, Kim! Tash x

  3. Hi Kim, I just LOOOOOOOVE your work, I would love to add some of your pics to my new Blog, and a link to yours of course, I hope that would be okay, i will wait to hear from you before i do anything.
    I am in beautiful down town Ballarat, and just love catching up with other Aussie crafters.
    I have been on your face book page, and think your Chrissy goodies are just gorgeous!
    Cheers for now,

    1. Hi Carilyn, I have not used this blog for some time and am actually going to be getting it revamped very soon and hopefully blog alot more in the new year. I would be happy for you to use some of my pictures but maybe after I get my blog up to date.
      Kim :)