Friday, September 9, 2011

Fairy Wings and Butterflies

I am totally enjoying all the new creations I have been coming up with. I am having so much fun I hate that there are not more hours in the day.

This one I have just completed was very time consuming but I am just loving the result. I used a 12"x12" chipboard printers tray this time. This one was alot more solid than the last one and I used The Girls Paperie - Paper Girl papers. Such great whimsy papers with yellows and pinks and a hint of blue and green. This one took me 2 days to complete as it was quite fiddly but it was a labour of love. I am thinking a christmas one would be great to keep and bring out each year to decorate the house.

Kim :)


  1. It is absolutely gorgeous xx You are inspiring me to try and make something like this for Christmas.

  2. Hi, will you by any chance be making any more of these!? There are 3 that a beautiful that I wanted to buy from you if you are! They are stunning! Can you pls email me on
    Thanks heaps