Monday, October 29, 2012

Eeeeek my Tax Return was not good!

Mmmmm it seems my worst fears are true....I am a paper addict and may need assistance to control my urges!!!  Is there a Paper Crafters Anon!!!  I'm pretty sure there is as I have been in many a paper shop only to be confronted with many a lady as wide eyed and sweating with excitement much like myself!!

Well they say the first way to help an addiction is to come clean and admit the problem....see above...check!

Next step is to maybe admit how bad it really is.....well I went and had my tax return done today.....and.....well I earned a massive....wait for it.......$57!!! ...f or the entire.....YEP year last year.....nope not just for today but yep the whole of 2011/2012......insert massive Eeeeeekkkk here.   Oooops!!!!  Lol!!  Admission complete.... check!!!  

Okay step three will be to remedy my frivolous ways.......mmmmmm.....damn it........

Okay so the plan is to use up all stock that I have here for the next 6 months until my next Tax Return.  You heard it first everyone, so now you all are responsible for keeping me honest...hehehe (nothing like passing the blame onto others :P)  Okay okay I know I have to police myself.  Fortunately for me these Advent Calendars that I started in July, have kept me a little busy, so I haven't been able to spend up on stock, other than for these Calendars, as I have not had time.....Phew!!!!!

So with that said you will be happy to know there will be lots of new products coming out next year!!  Yay I hear you say!!  I have had all these new things here but no time to make them, so now I will.  There will also be a return of some old goodies like Canvases, Felt Items, Printer Trays, Cuckoo Clocks, Filigree Birdcages (have quite a few of these for everyone who has been hanging out for them) and many other items.

Advent Calendars will also make an appearance again next year but instead of taking Custom Orders I am just going to make them as I go, less stressful for me and a lot easier than working for 4 months straight on the same item over and over.   Seems this can make a person a little crazy....sshhhh everyone out there who know I was a little.....okay a lot crazy before I started lol!!!   To sum up this means that Advent Calendars will be popping up early in the new year, so be prepared and maybe don't think you will wait until Christmas is a bit closer, because as you all may know the Custom Spots went very quickly and there were lots of them!!

Okay confessions of a paper addict complete!!  Now you all now know my dirty little secret.   I am now off to roll in some of my beloved mustn't.....I


  1. Just $57? Well, you definitely need to tighten up a bit! Anyway, your plan of using all of your stock before the next tax return is a great idea, as it would increase your tax revenue. But it would also be a good idea to seek out the opinion of an expert and see if there are other things you can do to help get a bigger tax return this time around next year.

    @Kathy Gregory

  2. I hope your plan for 2013 does come true! That measly tax return of $57 is definitely a shocker! Well, starting off by being a bit more prudent with your spending would be a good way to go. Spend your resources wisely. And I’m not just talking about your money, but also the materials you use in your crafts.

    ! Wystan D.

  3. That levy return is quite a shocking revelation! You should be strong from that experience, Kim. I know for sure that you'll have a good tax return this year. Learn from your previous mistake, and just like Kathy said, seek an expert. Know more about the IRS within your local and read the form thoroughly. Keep me posted, okay?

    - Lauren Padilla