Monday, January 7, 2013

Mixed Media Fun

Hellloooooo 2013!!!

I am the worst blogger in history.  I don't blog very much and always say I will do better and blog more but here we are again.....Eeeek it has been a while!!!

I'm going to say it again.....I promise to blog more this year.....if I decide I have anything interesting to say lol!!  (escape clause right there)

So I am on holiday from my page "A Little Birdie Told Me" for a few weeks after a massive Advent Calendar Custom Order Task (which...Yes....I did blog about a few months earlier)

Things on my to do list while on holidays were to clean the house....check!  Clean out the kids rooms....check!  Sew Lily a skirt and some shorts.....mmm 1/2 check...skirt is done shorts to come!  Plus sew some stuff (softies, felties and a doll or 2) haha....not done yet!  Finally do the online course in Mixed Media I bought in 2011!!.....Whoohooo Check as of today!!!

Wanna see?????

I'm a little excited, now, but not so much at the start.  I drew the pictures and was a little Meh!  Not quite happy with them but you know what it's my first lot, so I should cut myself some slack.  Then I coloured one picture in and was Meh!!  Lol seeing a pattern here.  I think it all was a little Meh because for one I didn't have all the tools maybe I needed (off to get some watercolour crayons tomorrow) and I was using really really awful (maybe a little cheap and nasty shhhh) watercolour paper (that is on the list for tomorrow too) so not the best results I could hope for.  Anyway... when I got to the background colouring and everything came together I got over the Meh a little bit and decided I am a little chuffed and kinda think I did okay.  Now please be assured I'm not "this is the most awesome thing I've done ever" but it isn't too bad.  My 10 year old daughter thinks it's beautiful, so it will most likely end up on her wall until I become a major expert (cough cough) and am mortified by my original first go and take it down and burn it, stomp on it, then burn it some more!!!

So now I am going to share the pictures.   Oh and this was a Whimsy Creatures Course so the people aren't meant to look to speak...weird shaped heads and big eyes and odd proportions are okay....just for you guys that aren't familiar with this style :D

Face shapes and eyes first
Bodies next
Rough Sketch of the one I wanted to colour

Add the 2

Coloured but no background

Background almost done


So this is it!  I will head to the Art Store tomorrow and pick up some decent supplies and have another go.  This time I expect awesomeness and amazement!!  Lol!!!  No pressure :D

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  1. Hello Kim

    I "knew" you as a member of Tamara´s Laporte site and love your work you learned through her Whimsy Creatures Course, i suppose. I am ordering this course too but i am a very beginner, and you, did you come from the basis, as well, or you had some experience on drawing? I can´t believe i can reach a so high level...Thanks for your attention. Regards. Rosa