Thursday, January 10, 2013


Man I am a nutcase!!

Mmmmm an explaination ......I am sitting here stressing about the fact that I start back work on Monday, after a much deserved 4 week holiday of which the end just crept up on me (I did think I had another week!)   I have the best job in the world I work from home doing what I love and I can be as creative as I like, although my boss is a little bit of a slave driver what the hell!!!

So anyway here I am mentally chastising myself for not completing the tasks I set for myself to complete in my relaxing holiday!!!  Right here is where alarm bells are ringing and men in white coats are suiting up!

My list of tasks included:

Sew Lily (my 10 year old daughter) a skirt - check did it!, sew Lily shorts - ummm cut one pair out didn't sew them, still have more fabric sitting there, sew a doll - umm didn't happen, sew some softies- also did not happen, sew some cute little felties after buying copious patterns from Gingermelon - crap did not happen either, teach Lily to sew on the machine - arrrgghhhh did not happen.....AARRRGGHHHH venting is not helping!!!

Obviously I need a chill pill and maybe gallons of coffee so that I can complete this task list in the next day and a half before I have a complete mental breakdown!!!   Told you... Nutcase (melodic tone required when saying Nutcase a little bit like my kids do when they sing out Loser and then I yell at them for being rude!)

Okay so it is decided  I AM A CONFIRMED CRAZY NUTCASE who does not know how to relax or take a holiday!!

2013 the year of working on NOT being a crazy Nutcase.

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