Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have been a friend of Mr Facebook now for about a year as a professional business women...yeah yeah laugh it up everyone, well I have to put something for my occupation when I visit the Doctor. I was never really much good at communicating with Him from a personal view as I had minimal friends, which he frowned upon, and planted gardens and owned pets that died from malnourishment....awwww I hear you say...no no I am fine I survived the loss of my dear hamster and came to terms with the 5 friends I had, one of which was my husband (Yes he does count!!!)

We were far more compatible from a business perspective after we ironed out some of our problems at the start. All I can say is thank goodness my friend Jessie was there to help guide me in the first few temultuous months of our relationship (me and Him), even though she was probably cursing under her breathe at my complete stupidity when it came to the simplest things that he would require and I could just not grasp. I must admit I felt like I was still quite young before he and I became business associates! He aged me quite a bit and I felt like I was like my father who could never quite figure out the VCR machine and I would always insert the tape and press play for him. Jess was now my button pusher! God love her!!!

Nevertheless I have survived and have been a friend of His for quite some time now. I do find Him to be a very frustrating character as he has been quite difficult to work out. I find him quite a pain in the neck at times, very time draining as he is very needy and just when I think I have figured him out he changes like a chameleon, only to mess me up again for the next few months.

He arouses emotions in me that are both good and bad. He makes me feel good because he likes me alot and then makes me feel sad because some of his like disappears. He makes me feel special, but also gets angry at me and at times can be very judgemental! He also thinks that he is alway right, but I tend to disagree!

We have a very tricky relationship him and I. Often my mood is guided by his mood. Sometimes I just have to walk away from him for a while as I rely on his reaction a little to much but then his allure and charm makes me want to come back for more......

His friendship is important to me, but I struggle to do the right thing by him at times. I try my best but sometimes we just do not get along.

I guess what I have figured out from our friendship is that although we have a love hate relationship I cannot let him go as he is very important to me, but I have to put into perspective what he has to say, or not say, and not be guided by his thoughts all the time.

He may be important, but I am more important and I need to be confident within myself and be okay with me and let him be Him and know that his opinion is not always the right one, whereas mine always is!!!! Yes it is!!! Just ask me and I will tell you....


  1. Hell to the yes! Sometimes I am this close to telling 'him' that I am over his incessant freaking whining, gossiping, drama and B.S. I am so not in the market for any more high maintenance friends! lol

  2. haha I am with you on that one. He is very hard to escape from though. Very alluring and mysterious. Don't we all just love a bad boy!! lol