Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Humble Blog

So I'm trying to figure out how to blog. Do you talk about yourself, what you are doing, what frustrates you....?

I really should read some other blogs I guess and get some ideas, but I barely have time to write in my own blog!! This should not be an excuse should it, there are some amazing people out there who I really should learn more about,...this will go on my to do list...I promise.

So with this blog I am going to ask a question....Do other crafty people out there get asked the secrets to their beautiful creations????

I have had quite a few emails recently wanting to know this exact question. I am having a delimma about it though.

Do I tell them and risk that I am no longer able to create and onsell my creations and have to go out in the big wide world and get an average job without as much satisfaction? Or do I keep my dirty little secrets to myself because it has in fact taken some time for me to figure it all out myself without help from anyone as I think half the fun of creating is discovering the joy of how it all goes together.

I had this same dilemma while working full time in an Art Store. The frantic Mum would come in with an assignment that their child had to do, or better yet the Easter Bonnet (one of my favourites). I would go through all of the things they could do, offer a pattern that would have been drawn by myself or another staff member and told them all they needed to do only to be confronted with "Can't you do it for me"????? I would then have to reply that I did indeed work in an Art Store but unfortunately I just sold the ingredients, so to speak, to put together the item, I could not make it for them. Thoughts would go through my head like...would you go into a dress store like Sussan and when they didn't have your size you would then ask the sales assistant to make it for you?? I don't think so......

Mmmmmm, so after much deliberating I have decided to compare my situation with good old Colonel Sanders....what are you talking about woman I hear you say.....well....if you were a chef and decided you would like to make good old KFC at home there is no way that you could walk in and ask for his secret herbs and spices!!! Colonial Sanders would be destroyed and then there would be no more KFC as everyone would know how to cook his awesomely oily and truely sickening chicken....True????

So to cut a long story short I have decided to keep my "secret herbs and spices" to myself, so that I can continue to do what I love as a wonderful career. A career which keeps me at home to be with my children when they come home from school everyday and also to keep me out of Retail Sales where I used to get asked if we sold toothbrushes in an Art Store and a favourite from a good friend of mine who also worked in the same Art Store..."do you sell dirt"........

Believe me I am a much better person not being asked those kinds of questions everyday, ask my husband he will swear to that fact!!! God love him LOL!!!

PS: If I was not here doing what I do, who would infact clog up your facebook posts with numerous bird creations....think about it!


  1. I think it's better to keep how you make your work and what you do to yourself. Tips are always good though :)

    What to write about? Anything you want :)